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Would you choose it? 

Hello! I'm Nicole. Nice to meet you here. 


Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Life and Business Coach & Energy Healer

I have always been inquisitive and looking for ways that make my life and work easier and I’ve learned many different transformative modalities for last 30 years while I was working as a senior executive of big corporations in the fashion world. When I found Access Consciousness, it helped me to make changes easily, effortlessly, and fast for my mind, body, and business.

I love Access Bars and all the tools of Access Consciousness. They helped me to change issues much faster and bring more ease, lightness, and joy to every areas of my life. Things got easier,  difficulties got resolved and breakthrough results got created unexpectedly. That's fun! 

I would love to share the magic and miracles of the Access tools with you! Life and business can become much more enjoyable and we don't have to suffer any longer! 


It’s an honor and privilege to empower people to know what they know and support them to achieve everything they desire. Changes can be very easy and quick! Creating new possibilities becomes fun. People become present to what’s actually possible beyond whatever has been holding them back.

What are the things that you would like to do or have in life? How would you like to be in your life? What would you like your business to be like? Is there anything holding you back from achieving all of those? What if everything is possible for you to be, do, or have?

Would you like to have more ease, joy, glory and wealth in your life? 

What people are saying...

Taking classes with Nicole helped me to be more relaxed in stressful situations in my life and work. I used to get very affected by my emotions such as anger and frustration but I have so much more ease and happiness. Also, I notice that I’m much more present with everything in my life. This offers me more joy. I’m grateful for my life so much more. 

by Angie Y

Taking the Foundation class with Nicole was a rewarding experience for me.  I gained a better perspective on what is possible for me.  Also, I came to know how to truly recognize what choices are available to me.  

Thank you Nicole!  

by Mike P

Nicole Kim’s amazing facilitation during these 10 weeks of the “How to Become Money Workbook” class created so much space for me around the topic of money and so much more!  It has been a mind blowing journey of discovering my unique abilities and talents while removing my limitations around money, wealth and receiving!  I ask what else is available for me now??

by Marie B

오늘 아침엔 아주 흥미로운 의식의 확장이 일어나서 같이 나누고 싶어 올립니다- 머니 클라스를 하는 동안 많은 변화를 느끼고 있어요. 오늘 아침엔 더 흥미로운 의식이 있어서 셰어 합니다- 지금 나에게 없는 모든것들은 내가 막아 놓았거나 물어 보지 않았거나 받아들이지 않았거나 중 하나 의 이유로 내 현실에 존재 하지 않는 다는 것을 깨달 있어요. 그동안 수많은 이유로 -내가 못나서, 능력이 없어서, 가진것이 없어서, 노력 하지 않아서, 못 가질  운명이라서, 빼앗겨서…등등 단정짓고 포기하고  이번 생은 뭐 그저 그런가 보다 하며 다른 탓을 했는데. 그게 다 선택 하지 않는 내 가장 큰 선택이라는 것을  ( 이 부분 니콜님 말) 알게 되었어요. 😱😅🥹🥰 money is life, life is joy, joy  is business, business is money 

by Michelle P

I had a nasty infection in my left eye. It took a month and ultimately an injection to tame it. Then I woke up to the same infection forming in my right eye. It was 10 days before my daughters wedding and wearing eye makeup was important to me! That was not going to be pretty with this eye infection. What to do? I am a healer in practice but needed help. I called Nicole. We spent some time facilitating and she offered some techniques to do at home. At the same time I scheduled a doctors appointment. It was my daughters wedding and I wanted my eye healed!

The morning after the facilitation with Nicole,  I woke up to a 90% healed eye (miracle!) and continued the practice that Nicole shared with me. Two days later I cancelled the doctors appointment and everything worked out better than I could have imagined. So grateful for Nicole! 

by Donna S



Naples, FL  USA 

Instagram @NicoleKim_Energy

Telegram @NicoleKim_Energy

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